• Lake Aspen Loop Exhibit

    Who lives here? Porcupines, otters, beavers, oh my! Take a walk around our native animal exhibits.

  • Up Close and Personal

    Explore local geology and biology on a microscopic level at our hands on microscope station. Touch, smell, and imagine the lives of wild animals with our collection of skulls, furs, and even poop!

  • Creature Cave

    Step into our creature cave...if you dare! Enjoy close up encounters with our collection of snakes, frogs, lizards, and toads. Ask one of our naturalists for a chance to interact with some of our reptiles!

  • Cosmic Crater

    Have you ever seen a rock from space? Travel in to touch a real meteorite and explore the universe.

  • Botanical Bonanza

    Take a stroll through our botanical garden and enjoy the variety of native plants as you travel through different plant communities found in our area. Signage through the garden indicates various native and non-native wildflowers, trees, sagebrush, cacti, and riparian flora.