• The Sunriver Natutre CenterStart your exploration with a leisurely stroll.

    The Sam Osgood Nature Trail is the perfect place to start your Nature Center excursion. Meander through the forest, past the wetlands and the raptors, and around to the Oregon Observatory next door. Choose self-guided or guided walks. 

  • Hands-on exhibits that'll make them giggle and squirm.

    Kids will get up close and personal with awesome amphibians and slithering snakes. Don't miss the frog migration every summer, its "Toadally Awesome!" A visit to the Nature Center fits easily into a weekend vacation. So stop in for a photo op.

  • Birds of prey, in small, medium and large.

    This little guy's a mature Western Screech owl, about the size of a softball. We also have a Great Horned owl that's twice his size, and a giant Golden Eagle with a wingspan of seven feet. The Sunriver Nature Center is also an active bird rehabilitation facility.

  • Local experts make it entertaining for the entire family. 

    Our staff of enthusiastic naturalists bring it all to life. Learn about the behavior of big barn owls or get a taste of tiny little frog ponds. Our staff lead, mentor and inform in a friendly way that keeps kids of all ages engaged. If you're out for a bike ride around Sunriver or just looking for something fun to do, stop in for a look around.

  • Wildlife questions or concerns? We can help

    At the Sunriver Nature Center we help local homeowners and Sunriver visitors with general wildlife questions, bird and small mammal rehabilitation, or simply to ask us what kind of flower they found. The Sunriver Nature Center is the go-to wildlife resource for all of Central Oregon.

  • It's quite a collection. 

    The Sunriver Nature Center is the home of a nice collection of kid-friendly stuff. Take a hike through Exploration Ridge, travel deep into space in our Cosmic Crater, crawl through our Creature Cave, and stroll around Lake Aspen Loop. 

    We are also home to the only Botanical Garden in Central Oregon, blooming soon!